Mam-Mooth aims to be pre-eminent in the production and dissemination of post-critical culture.

We will support, enable and promote contextually engaged practitioners and writers in art, music and sport, with a particular specialism in technologically and theoretically significant practices. We will undertake critically conscious academic and personal development outreach programmes.


Our artists will be critically and contextually challenging, investigating the very nature of their vocation – digging at the root of art.


Our musical artists will be concerned with the positioning of their work within wider cultural conditions. Only critical sounds, thoroughly engaged with the realities of their production, will be encouraged.


Our athletes will aim to achieve critical victories, seeking to expand the current dialectic between socio-political and sporting discourses through radical inhabitations of the athletic identity.


We will publish across platforms, challenging accepted classifications of the written media, igniting discourse through both critical content and contextual disruptions.

Academic programme:

We will support the academic development of all our artists, musical artists, athletes and writers to ensure the continued critical relevance of our cultural productions.

Personal development programme:

We have a responsibility to all of our artists, musical artists, athletes and writers to support and further every aspect of their personal development and well-being.